How do I set up Apple Mail with my new email account?

This article describes how to configure Apple Mail with your Digital Essence Hosted domain email accounts.

  • Open Mail (click it on the Dock or open it from the Applications folder).

Setting up Apple Mail

  • From the Mail menu, select Preferences.
  • Go to the Accounts tab, and then click the plus sign(+) at the bottom of the Accounts box.

Adding the account detials in Apple Mail


  • Fill in your Full Name, Email address, and Password.
  • Deselect "Automatically set up account" if it is enabled. Click Continue to proceed.
  • In the Incoming Mail Server screen, select POP or IMAP from the Account Type list.

NOTE: POP will download your emails to your computer while IMAP will keep them on the server so you can view them from any computer. If you are going to be using webmail as well as an email client then select IMAP and you will always have your emails available.

  • Complete your information as follows:
  • Enter your Description, Incoming Mail Server, User Name and Password. The incoming mail server will be for example and the User Name is your email address. The password will have been sent to you in your welcome email. Click on Continue to proceed.
    The name of your account, you can call it whatever you want here but make it descriptive.
    Incoming mail server
    POP IMAP (same address for either)
    User Name
    Your email address.
    Your email account password.

Setting up the incoming email server


    • For Outgoing Mail Server, enter a useful description such as "Digital Essence Outgoing Mail Server", it can be anything but again make it descriptive.
    • Enter the Outgoing Mail Server details which are exactly the same as the incoming eg:
    • Select "Use Authentication" and enter the same email address and password as above.
    • NOTE: We don't use SSL for emails so make sure you don't enable SSL


Setting up outgoing smtp

  • Click Continue to proceed.
  • Verify your settings in the Account Summary. Check "Take account online". Click "Create" to complete the process.

Note: We only supply this information as a courtesy to our customers. We do not endorse or support any third party applications.

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